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Anakena Bay
Anakena Bay, starting point of the hike
around the northwest coast.


Easter Island offers many outstanding hiking opportunities, but take PABA sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and sturdy boots as the terrain is rough and there's almost no shade. A folding umbrella could also come in handy. Ample food and water are essential as none are available outside Hanga Roa.

One of the most intriguing and practical hikes is along the rocky northwest coast from Anakena to Hanga Roa. A good plan is to hire a taxi to Anakena and then walk back to town in a good six hours along the horse track around the outer edge of Maunga Terevaka. You'll pass several lava tube caves and ruined ahu with fallen moai, but the real attraction here is the dramatic scenery, which is at its best around Hanga Oteo.

You can also hike up a jeep track up to the summit of Maunga Terevaka itself. The route begins near Ahu Akivi (not the road closest to the ahu but the other one 20 meters south). From the grassy 507-meter summit there's a rare 360° horizon view and a sweeping panorama of the entire island. Beyond the large eucalyptus forest just southeast of the summit, seven km from Ahu Akivi, is Rapa Nui's shallowest crater lake, Rano Aroi.

From the lake one can follow the bed of a usually dry stream down through the fragrant forests another four km to the former English sheep farm at Vaitea.

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