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Cabañas Vaianny
Cabañas Vaianny, Hanga Roa

Easter Island Accommodations

Under US$50

If you're on a very low budget, ask about camping at a residencial. Residencial Chez Cecilia listed under moderate hotels provides some of the best camping facilities in Hanga Roa. Camping Mihinoa on Ave. Pont opposite the Hangaroa Eco Village is a new seaside camping ground with cooking facilities but little shade. A five-bed dorm is also here and they even rent tents.

A friendly school teacher named Diego Jaime runs Hostal Kona Tau, on a hillside on Avareipua. There are eight rooms with the price depending on the season and room. Breakfast is extra. It operates as a youth hostel and singles are expected to share their room with one or two other people if need be. However, despite the large Hosteling International sign at the entrance, there's no guarantee of an HI discount. Camping is not allowed. A common kitchen and lounge are provided, and it's a good place to meet people.

Cabañas Vaianny, on Tuki Haka Hevari, has five rooms in a duplex and triplex at excellent rates which include a good breakfast. It's friendly and central—ask for Teresa Araki at the airport.

Cabañas Inaki-Uhi, corner of Tuki Haka Hevari and Atamu Tekena, has 16 rooms with private bath in two long blocks. Shared cooking and laundry facilities are provided.

A jovial lady named Janet Hei operates Residencial Miru, off Atamu Tekena. There are three rooms with shared bath and four with private bath. Breakfast is included.

Residencial Tekena Inn, on Atamu Tekena in the center of town, has 12 rooms, four inside the house and another eight in a corridor outside. You can use the common kitchen. All day horseback riding tours and car rentals are offered.

Up a sidestreet off Te Pito o Te Henu between Restaurant Kopakavana and the church, Residencial Vai Kapua offers nine rooms, four in the main house and five facing the lovely garden outside. It's quiet and friendly, and good value.

On Pasaje Reimiro off Atamu Tekena in the northern part of town, Residencial Tahai resembles a rundown Spanish hacienda with a large garden out front. The seven rooms are quite adequate.

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