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Post and Telecommunications

All mail is routed through Chile and Chilean postage stamps are used. The post office (closed Sunday), on Te Pito o Te Henua opposite Hotel O'tai, sometimes has special Rapa Nui postage stamps valid only on the island. Occasionally it runs out of stamps altogether. If you bring along your passport, the postmaster may be willing to stamp it too!

The Entel Telephone Center (closed Sunday), opposite the bank, sells telephone cards which can be used from all public telephones.

When calling Easter Island from abroad, dial your international access code plus 56 for Chile, 32 for Easter Island, and the six-digit local number (which always begins with 100, 550, or 551).

Interestingly, a phone call from Valparaíso, Chile, to Easter Island is a local call. However, from the island to Valparaíso it's long distance.

Several shops and travel agencies along Atamu Tekena offer internet access on their computers.

Rongorongo Script

Rongorongo Tablet

A rongorongo tablet of incised driftwood, figures darkened. These boards were used as prompters by priests reciting procreation chants. The hieroglyphic rongorongo are the only known examples of writing in ancient Polyunesia. Since every other line is upside down, a reader would have to rotate the board continually. (photo courtesy of the Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution)

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