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Hanga Roa Street Corner
Corner of Avenida Atamu Tekena
and Tu'u Maheke in Hanga Roa.

Getting Around

There's no public transport but the locals are pretty good about giving lifts. Sunday is an easy time to hitch a ride as many people go fishing or to their gardens. Out on the island, drivers will often stop to offer you a ride even if you aren't hitchhiking.

More than 100 clearly marked taxis patrol the streets of Hanga Roa. Tourists are expected to pay more than locals and bargaining may be required. You'll get a better price dealing directly with a driver rather than by having your hotel receptionist call a taxi, in which case you'll pay the top tourist price.

For hikers, the taxis are handy to get somewhere in the morning with the intention of walking back to town. Sernatur has a list of official round-trip taxi fares to many points with waiting time built in. To be expected to pay half that amount to be dropped somewhere without any waiting is unreasonable, yet some drivers still try and you may have to ask several of them. Flag a taxi down on the street and tell the driver straight away how many pesos you're willing to pay to be dropped somewhere. A knowledge of Spanish goes a long way here. The translation of "I only want to be dropped there" is Solo quiero que me deje allá.

The hotels and several offices along Atamu Tekena rent vehicles. Most are 4WD jeeps because of the rugged terrain. Ask around, as prices vary (bargaining possible in the off-season), and check to make sure the car has a spare tire (neumático), jack (gata), and gas tank cap. Insurance is not available but gasoline is relatively cheap and the distances are small. Scooters can be hired, but a motorcycle license is mandatory. The roads to Anakena and Rano Raraku are now fully paved, making bicycling a lot more practical. Makemake Rentabike on Atamu Tekena near the Aloha Pub rents mountain bikes and surfboards, arranges outrigger canoe trips, and offers guided snorkeling tours.

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