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LAN Chile Aircraft
A LAN Chile aircraft on the tarmac
at Mataveri Airport.

Getting There

By Air

The Chilean carrier LAN Airlines flies a Boeing 767 to Easter Island from Santiago seven times a week, from Lima twice a week, and from Tahiti weekly. In the high season December-March, extra Santiago to Easter Island flights are added.

From North America and Europe, LAN Airlines has direct flights to Santiago from Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Madrid, and Frankfurt. In North America, call LAN Airlines toll-free at 1-866-435-9526 for information. People in Europe and Australia can have Easter Island included in a cheap round-the-world ticket, something that usually isn't possible in North America.

Book and reconfirm your onward flight well ahead, as the plane is often overbooked between Easter Island and Santiago—a week is enough time to see everything. Between Easter Island and Tahiti, the plane is seldom full. We've heard from several viewers who were forced to upgrade to business class when they tried to fly "standby" to Santiago. The local LAN Airlines office, on Atamu Tekena at Ave. Pont, will tell you there's no need to reconfirm your flight, but you should still visit the office and leave a local contact phone number to make sure your reservation is in the system.

By Ship

The Gobernación Marítima Hanga Roa, on Ave. Apina near the Hangaroa Eco Village, handles passenger bookings for the naval supply ship Aquiles to/from Valparaíso. It calls twice a year, usually in March and September, but you need to know someone with pull in the Chilean navy or administration to get aboard. On the continent, inquire at the Office of Naval Transport, Primera Zona Naval (weekdays 0800-1200), Plaza Sotomayor 594, Valparaíso, Chile.