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Ahu Tautira
A reconstructed moai on Ahu Tautira at the small boat harbor, Caleta Hanga Roa.

Easter Island Accommodations


Hostal Aukara, at Galeria de Arte Aukara on Avenue Pont, has seven tasteful rooms with bath in a garden location. For the lover of contemporary island art, this is a perfect choice.

Residencial Villa Tiki on Ave. Pont offers six rooms. There's a great view over Hanga Roa toward Terevaka from the rear garden of this quality establishment. Tiki Tours is based here.

Rapa Nui Travel, on Tu'u Koihu, has a two-bedroom house for rent next to its office, which is ideal for families of up to five. Cooking facilities are provided.

Residencial Chez Erika, off Tuki Haka Hevari directly behind Cabañas Vaianny, offers 12 rooms with breakfast included. It's quiet and friendly.

The Hotel Orongo, on Atamu Tekena in the center of town, has 14 rooms with breakfast included. This hotel has a very good restaurant and a gift shop.

French speakers are catered for at Residencial Tadeo y Lili at Ave. Apina and Policarpo Toro. Each of the seven rooms accommodates two to five people and there's also one three-bedroom house. Breakfast is included and lunch or dinner can be ordered. The location facing Caleta Hanga Roa is excellent, although some of the rooms are not constructed in a way which takes full advantage of the site. Island tours and horseback riding are arranged.

Also recommended is Cabañas Te'Ora on Avenida Apina with three spacious cabins with bath and cooking facilities. The manager is very helpful.

Hotel Chez Joseph, on Avareipua just up the street behind Restaurant Kopakavana, includes breakfast with the 15 rooms. The quiet hilltop location and family atmosphere are its advantages.

The peaceful Hotel Poike, on Petero Atamu a bit north of the church, has 13 rooms including breakfast.

Cabañas Mana Nui near the cemetery on the path toward Ahu Tahi is the only guesthouse with a view of both the ocean and the moais. The dulpex and fourplex units each have private bath, fridge, and TV. It's a peaceful location yet close to everything.

Cabañas Vai Moana, on Atamu Tekena in the northern part of town, has five large duplex units containing a total of 10 rooms and three newer units in a triplex suite. Vai Moana rents bicycles, scooters, and jeeps.

Residencial Chez Cecilia, off Atamu Tekena just behind Cabañas Vai Moana and near Ahu Tahai, has 10 rooms. Camping is allowed in a separate area behind the guesthouse and there's a separate common kitchen and dining area for campers. Dinner can be ordered.

Mahina Taka Taka Georgia, at the north end of town near the museum, has four rooms but unfortunately it has gone downhill in recent years.

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