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Moai at Rano Raraku
The quarry at Rano Raraku with its numerous moai is one of the top sights on the island.

Getting Around

Local Tours

Several companies offer half/full day minibus tours of the island. Boat tours to the motu off the southwestern tip of the island are also offered. The full-day tour to Rano Raraku and Anakena is an excellent introduction to Easter Island, but unfortunately all of the companies seem to do the same thing at the same time, so you're part of a moving crowd.

Aku Aku Turismo, Tu'u Koihu just north of the church, has a half-day tour to Orongo and Tahai, and a full-day tour to Rano Raraku and Anakena. It does a half-day "adventure tour" to Ana Kakenga and the summit of Maunga Terevaka. Another adventure tour is to Ana o Keke, a cliffside cave on the Poike Peninsula. Horseback riding is also possible. Lunch on the full-day tour is extra, so take your own. Aku Aku is the largest tour company and the most likely to have the tour you want when you it. The narration will be in English and Spanish.

Kia-Koe Tour, Atamu Tekena at Sebastián Englert, Toki Tour, Avenida Pont at Atamu Tekena, and Hangaroa Travel and Tours on Policarpo Toro do much the same.

Rapa Nui Travel, on Tu'u Koihu, caters to smaller groups and provides more personalized service for the same prices as Aku Aku and Kia-Koe. German-speaking guides can be provided. Rapa Nui's departures aren't as frequent as those of the others, so check early on in your stay. For a French-speaking tour, ask at Residencial Tadeo y Lili, Ave. Apina and Policarpo Toro.

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